Elizabeth I:

Ruler and Legend

Curated by Dr. Clark Hulse, Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend was sponsored by a National Endowment of the Humanities grant as a joint venture between the American Library Association (ALA) and the Newberry Library, Chicago. My role as Curatorial Assistant spanned all stages of the project’s development from selecting artifacts, designing gallery plans, borrowing objects, installing the exhibit, adapting the gallery show to traveling photo panels for the ALA, and creating a web-based version of the exhibit. I worked closely with the curator on all of these tasks and contributed to their successful completion. These responsibilities afforded the opportunity to work with a large exhibition team, which included Elizabethan scholars, web designers, graphic artists, the Public Programs Office of the American Library Association, British Library curators and couriers, and various departments at the Newberry. The NEH highlighted Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend in the 40th anniversary edition of their Humanities magazine as one of the most significant projects to receive NEH funding in 2003, and the exhibit’s website won the 2005 Leab Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries for outstanding electronic exhibition.

In order to engage young viewers, especially for the ALA photo panels which traveled to libraries across the United States, I created an exhibit guide for children.