Art Matters

Art as resistance. Art as social change. Art as personal expression. Art as spiritual endeavour. Art as investment. Art as propaganda. Art for art's sake. What is art for and why does it matter?

Whether it's stone tools from 3 million years ago or street performances happening today, I am drawn to the processes of human creativity and how we make meaning together through art. Art has arguably been around as long as humans have, but the public display and consumption of art have changed dramatically over the last century. Museums are the primary mode for most people to encounter art in a non-commercial setting, but these institutions are not immune from market forces and, in fact, can both reflect and shape society. Links between museums and cultural diversity, inclusivity, decolonisation and democratisation make this an especially interesting and important time to be involved in the arts. This website highlights my work over the past decade and a half.

Kiwon Park, 2010, installation in Seoul Grand Park subway station